What’s In a Name

Hello world, my name is Daniel and welcome to vararg.com. I am a software developer and musician and as the name suggests, I intend for this site to cover a variable number of topics.

As a developer and development manager at cPanel, I had intended to use vararg.com as a place to follow along with the latest Sitejet Builder, WordPress, and WordPress Toolkit development. However due to recent layoffs at the company, I now intend for vararg.com to take a more personal approach.

me wiith fiddle

For the first time in 20 years, I find myself job hunting. It’s not the place I expected to be at this point in my career. I now hope to use this site to relive a lot of great technology I’ve worked with over the years as well as anything else that comes to mind. Please connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook if you would like.

Prior to working at cPanel, I spent nearly 15 years working for StormGeo. Over the years there, it was once the weather department of Universal Weather and Aviation, then ImpactWeather, and now StormGeo. The company specializes in providing weather forecasting services to business across the globe as well as support for services like shipping, disaster preparedness, and related industries.  Since my experience there ranged from big data, high volume web services, support for scientific tools for meteorologists, GIS, and more I expect to dive into those topics here as well.

ISO C defines a syntax for declaring a function to take a variable number or type of arguments. (Such functions are referred to as varargs functions or variadic functions.) However, the language itself provides no mechanism for such functions to access their non-required arguments; instead, you use the variable arguments macros defined in stdarg.h.